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South America

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Loch Ness: Monsters and Castles


It is a few years since I went to went to Loch Ness but the recent annual resumption of the Nessie hunt brought it to mind again.

I briefly mentioned Loch Ness a while back, when I wrote about my tour of the Scottish highlands. However, a world famous place that I used to live close to deserves more than just a chapter. So what is it that makes Loch Ness such a special place?

The Best Places in the World to See a Geyser


Is it just me or is everyone else fascinated by geysers as well? This natural phenomenon occurs in a few different places over the world, although they are still relatively rare.

Geysers tend to be found in places with volcanic activity so where would you like to go and see one? There are over a thousand known geysers on the planet and most of them are incredible to look at.

5 of the Best Theatre Shows to See in London


Even if you aren´t usually a big fan of the theatre you will probably think of a trip to a show as being one of the highlights of any time you spend in the UK capital.

There are plenty of top notch theatre shows on in London all year round and it is relatively easy to pick up cheap tickets online, so what is stopping you from seeing one of these brilliant shows?

Malham Cove – Spectacular yet Serene


For around 8 years now, my wife and I have lived just on the outskirts of the Yorkshire Dales in a little town called Colne. While it isn’t exactly a quiet town, we’ve always felt that life in Colne is about as close as we can get to country living while still being able to enjoy the close amenities that town living can bring.

The Treats You Can’t Afford to Miss on a Shoestring Trip


Going on a shoestring backpacking trip is one of the most exciting and affordable ways of seeing the world.

It is also pretty thrilling to move away from a comfortable lifestyle and stay in grungy hotels for a while. Eating low budget lunches on the street and trying to work out what the mystery meat really is can also add an extra bit of fun to your travels.