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South America

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The Best Places to Travel in South America

Iguazu Falls

Once you start exploring South America you realise that this is the sort of vast continent that you could spend the rest of your life travelling around.

There are so many incredible spots here that it can be tough to know where to get started. To help you get going, here are what I consider to be the very best places to see in South America.

Best Places to Watch Football in South America


If you have been enjoying the Copa America this year then you might wonder where to catch a football game the next time you are in South America.

The next Copa America is due to be held in 2019 in Brazil. Having said that, there is some sort of centenary Copa America tournament being playing in the US in 2016.

If you make a trip here and there is no international tournament going on then you can still catch a cracking game in the following places.

5 of the Best Travel Books Money Can Buy

Best Travel Books

Before we look at specific travel books it is worth considering what we mean by travel book. After all, some are guides and some are stories of people travelling to new places or moving abroad.

Why Start Your World Trip with Some Voluntary Work?

Volunteering Abroad

Giving up my job and taking a year out to travel was probably the biggest and best decision I have made in my life. Starting the trip with a few months of voluntary work has to come close behind it in the list of good decisions, though.

A Family Day Out in Windermere

Lake Windermere

Windermere is one of the best known lakes in the Lake District and if you are planning a visit to the area then it is likely that Windermere will be on your list of places to visit. We recently had a day out at Windermere and so I thought I’d share the experience in case it gives you a few ideas of things you could do there.