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South America

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What Do You Need to Know About Yosemite National Park?


You might assume that a trip to the US would be all about big skyscrapers, bigger burgers and insane inner city traffic.

Well, you could make a trip to the kind of place where this is your reality for a few days but wouldn’t you rather get out and see some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth? Of course you would.

The Best Place for a Hot Spring Bath in South America


I have always been fascinated by hot springs, so when I first moved across to South America I decided to take advantage of any chance to soak in them that presented itself to me.

What Exactly Are the Rocky Mountains?


Once you start thinking about travelling to new places it is incredible how many tempting places you will find on the planet.

I once got pretty far into the project of planning a 6 month trip to North America and even with such a long time planned there I still couldn’t work out how to narrow down my list of possible destinations.

Crossing the Border at Bermejo into Argentina


If there is one thrill we miss out on when we live in the UK it is that of crossing an international border by land.

I crossed from Scotland into England and back quite a few times and it was always a sort of anti-climax to pass from one country to another without any sort of fanfare or red tape.

Take a trip across to South America, though, and travelling from one country to another becomes an exciting and often troublesome process.

Where are the best places to see the Northern Lights?


I have never written a bucket list of things to do and places to see while I still walk the Earth. However, if I ever do this then you can be sure that seeing the Northern Lights will be high up on my list.