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South America

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Discover Delhi’s Culinary Delights

Delhi Street Food 2

Looking to get a taste of Delhi’s rich culture? Follow the beckoning aromas (and crowds of hungry locals) to Chandni Chowk, where street-side kiosks dole out generous servings of Delhi’s most delicious street food, from light-as-air chaats to full-flavoured biryanis.

The People That Can Inspire You to Travel Round the World

Inspirational Backpacker

Rather than looking at a specific destination here, I thought that it might be interesting to consider the many people who are out there who could inspire you to travel in the first place.

3 Great Beaches in Ecuador


A friend who just got back from Ecuador reminded me the other day how brilliant the beaches are here. You might not think of Ecuador as being the sort of place for hitting the sand but there are actually some amazing beaches around the country and I went to three of them.

Punta del Diablo and Other Trendy Uruguay Attractions


Uruguay is one of those countries that I stumbled into almost by mistake. I was in Buenos Aires enjoying a coffee and some tango when I read that I could get a ferry across the Rio de la Plata to Colonia or Montevideo. I think I left some coffee in my cup in my haste to reach the ferry terminal on time for the next departure.

4 of the Weirdest UK Festivals and Events

Cheese Rolling

It is only after moving away from the UK that I realised how weird and wacky this country is. For a start, I haven’t found anywhere in the world where you can encounter such an amazing sense of humour from ordinary people in everyday situations.

However, perhaps what best shows the eccentric nature of the Brits more than anything else is the long and somewhat mystifying list of weird UK festivals and events.