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What Items Should You Pack for a Round the World Trip?


If you are planning a long, meandering trip round the planet then sorting out your luggage is going to be one of the most important parts of the preparations.

I can still remember standing in front of a backpack that was fit to burst and wondering how to cram in all of the other stuff I thought I needed to take. Being away from home for a long time is a scary thought but that doesn’t mean that you need to try and take every single one of your possessions away with you. So what are the most important items to pack?

5 Great Weekends to Visit London


Let’s face it; London is a magical place to visit at any time of year. In such a big and vibrant city finding something to do isn’t ever going to be much of a problem.

However, if you want to see the UK capital during a very special occasion then here are 5 weekends throughout the year worth considering.

How to Plan a Round the World Trip without Breaking Sweat


A friend just asked me for some advice on planning a round the world trip and I realized that the first time you do this it is something incredibly difficult.

It was a while ago that I first sat down with an Atlas and saw that finding a way to go round this big old planet wasn’t going to be easy. In the end, I was happy with the way I did it, so here are my top tips for getting it right.

Why Teaching English in China is a Smart Move


I must admit that my experience of teaching English while abroad is extremely limited.

While I was working in a jungle reserve with other volunteers a couple of us got invited over to help out with an English class. It was good fun and it was amazing to see how grateful the parents were afterwards. One even came running up to and gave us a gift of a large piece of fruit.

Otavalo is Worth More Than a Day Trip


I mentioned the city of Otavalo a while back, as a possible day trip option from Quito. It’s only a couple of hours from the capital of Ecuador, so many tourists choose to join a tour and spend just a few hours there during the famous market day.