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World’s Best and Strangest Places to Play Golf


I have to start off by confessing that I haven’t played golf in years. I used to play as a kid with my Dad, setting off early in the morning to the local municipal course.

The Best Places to Go Extreme Swimming


Swimming is one of life’s great pleasures, giving you a great workout and letting you relax at the same time. If you want to add some extreme swimming to your trips then where can you most easily do so?

The Two Sides of Bolton Abbey


Bolton Abbey is one of Yorkshire’s most popular places to visit, for both locals and visitors to the area. Beautiful scenery, open spaces and, of course, the Abbey itself all make this place a wonderful day out for the family. If you’re visiting Bolton Abbey for the first time though, then you may not know that there are actually two sides to the Bolton Abbey experience depending on where you choose to park your car or bike.

The Strangest and Coolest Hotels in the World


The world is filled with nice, normal hotels that are made out of traditional construction materials and offer a pleasant if unremarkable night´s sleep.

However, what if you really want is to enjoy a night or two in somewhere completely different? Ah, in that case you will want to check out some of the planet´s strangest and coolest hotels.

What Do You Need to Know About Yosemite National Park?


You might assume that a trip to the US would be all about big skyscrapers, bigger burgers and insane inner city traffic.

Well, you could make a trip to the kind of place where this is your reality for a few days but wouldn’t you rather get out and see some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth? Of course you would.