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Why Teaching English in China is a Smart Move


I must admit that my experience of teaching English while abroad is extremely limited.

While I was working in a jungle reserve with other volunteers a couple of us got invited over to help out with an English class. It was good fun and it was amazing to see how grateful the parents were afterwards. One even came running up to and gave us a gift of a large piece of fruit.

Otavalo is Worth More Than a Day Trip


I mentioned the city of Otavalo a while back, as a possible day trip option from Quito. It’s only a couple of hours from the capital of Ecuador, so many tourists choose to join a tour and spend just a few hours there during the famous market day.

The South West of Scotland Offers Surprising Delights


I reckon that if you asked a bunch of Brits to fill in some place names on a map of the UK the South West of Scotland would be blank in most of the answers. Even people who live fairly close to this beautiful region don’t seem to know much about it.

Slothing About in Santa Cruz


Having grown up in the UK, there is something about stepping off a plane in a tropical location that never ceases to thrill me.

The wave of heat and humidity that strikes me on the runway, the enchanting smell of rotting vegetation and the palm trees waving in the air all make my heart skip a beat. The good news is that this is exactly the tropical welcome that awaits you in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

How to Get a Cheap Flight


One of the biggest factors that will determine if you can get a cheap break or not is the price of the flights. Get a great deal on these and you are off to a fine start. Here we’ll give you a few tips on how to get a cheap flight.