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South America

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Talking Bushes, Trains and Other Family Fun in Tucumán


There used to be a time when travelling meant stuffing my least smelly clothes into a rucksack and heading down to the local bus station to see what departures were due in the next couple of hours.

Istanbul for Stunning Architecture and Plenty of Haggling


If I’m being perfectly honest, the architecture isn’t really something that usually attracts my attention all that much but, then again, it’s not every day that I’m somewhere with as many stunning buildings as Istanbul.

This is famous, of course, as the melting pot city where East meets West and cultures come together. It has one of the most incredible histories of any city in the world, with power of the city changing hands several times over the city and many different cultures leaving behind a powerful legacy.

How to Make the Most of Your Air Miles


If you collect Air Miles then you will no doubt feel great about it when the time comes to cash them in and go on a great trip. This could be your chance to get a free flight somewhere exciting and have a fantastic time thanks to the points you have collected.

However, might you make the mistake of not spending your Air Miles as wisely as you would hope? The last thing you want to do is waste the points you have painstakingly built up over time. This means that you will want to think about it carefully before you decide what to spend them on.

Try a British Walk for Some Fresh Air and Great Scenery


If there is one thing I enjoy doing above all else when travelling it is stretching my legs and going for a good walk. I have discovered on my travels that the world is filled with amazing places to do this. Whether it is a multi day hike to Machu Picchu or a gentle stroll round a big city, this is a fine way to see a lot of scenery, get some fresh air and enjoy a bit of exercise at the same time.

The place where I first discovered the pleasures of a good walk was the UK. There are a number of places across the UK where you can do this in style and see some fantastic scenery. Here are some of my favourites.

The Highland Games in Dunoon


Not far from where I grew up you will find a boat that takes you to a very special sporting event.

You have probably head of the Highland Games in Scotland but you might think that to get to them you need to put on your thermal underwear and head up to the top of a mountain. The truth is that some of the easiest Highland Gatherings to get to are also among the biggest and best.