A Family Day Out in Windermere

Windermere is one of the best known lakes in the Lake District and if you are planning a visit to the area then it is likely that Windermere will be on your list of places to visit. We recently had a day out at Windermere and so I thought I’d share the experience in case it gives you a few ideas of things you could do there.

When we arrived at Windermere it was clear to see that it was much busier than at any other time we’d visited in the past. It was a May bank holiday weekend and contrary to all of the weather forecaster’s bad weather warnings the sun was out in force, as were the tourists! We arrived around lunch time and because of this, parking was a bit of a nightmare. It did get even worse as the day went on though, so if you are planning to visit Windermere my advice would be to arrive early to take advantage of nearby parking.

Ice Cream by the Lake

We started the afternoon off with a nice cold Ice cream from one of the many Ice cream parlours vying for your business at Windermere. In hindsight I wish we hadn’t have been so hasty as later in the day – when we made our way up to the main street where all the shops are – we noticed a parlour called the Windermere Ice Cream Co. which seemed to have won awards for its ice cream and the queue outside of it was enormous, so I can only imagine that the people who were queuing felt that it was worth the wait. Still, sitting by Lake Windermere as a family eating ice cream was a lovely way to start off the Bank Holiday afternoon.

Ice cream by Windermere

A Family Boat Trip on Lake Windermere

After we’d finished our Ice Cream we went for a stroll to see what options were available for going out onto the Lake. There were many different options on offer such as hiring your own wooden rowing boat, hiring a small speed boat and more but as we have two young children we thought that the best option for us would be to take a cruise on one of the bigger boats being piloted by a trained professional. The prices varied depending on how long you wanted to be on the lake for and which route you wanted to take. We took the ‘Blue Cruise’ option which gave us a 45 minute trip around the lake for £19.30 in total, which was two adult tickets and one child’s ticket, with our youngest child going free as he was under 5. I have to say that it was worth every penny and it really made the day a memorable one. The kids loved it and we felt very safe taking them out onto Lake Windermere in this way.

Windermere Family Boat Cruise

Fish & Chips at the Park

After we’d finished on the boat the kids were hungry again – surprise, surprise – so we decided to pick up some fish and chips and we relaxed on a bench in the park area behind the tourist information centre while the kids had fun running around and rolling down the grass hill. In hindsight I wish I’d have brought a football along as it would have been a great spot for a kick-about. We got our chips from a place called ‘Driftwood’ which had recently opened up as a fish and chip place and I would thoroughly recommend it. The chips were great and my wife was even more impressed with the sausages, which were high quality Cumberland sausages and I have to admit I wanted to change my order after seeing them. After this we spent a little time feeding the swans and then headed up to one of the highest pubs in Britain to enjoy a drink.

Park at Windermere

A Pint of Ale at The Kirkstone Pass Inn

As our day in Windermere was coming to its end we had a phone call from some family members who were also on a day out in the area asking us if we’d like to meet them for a drink at one of the highest pubs in England, speaking in terms of altitude of course. Being a person who likes to try new things and also being a fan of a nice pint of ale we decided to go for it. The pub is called ‘The Kirkstone Pass Inn’ and it is found up on the huge hills you can see from the lake itself. Would you believe that records for this building date back to 1496AD and it is believed to be linked with a 15th century monastery? Located in the Cumbrian fells the 1489ft (459m) Kirkstone Pass links Windermere and Patterdale and we even noticed that there was a bus stop right next to the inn, so if you fancied having a few pints with some friends then you may even be able to catch the bus to and from Windermere, we clocked that it was bus number 508 if that helps. 🙂 The view from the outdoor benches and tables at The Kirkstone Pass Inn truly are stunning and I’d thoroughly recommend making the drive up there if you have the time. If you’re a keen photographer then there are also some great stop-off points on the way up to Kirkstone Pass with fantastic angles of Windermere for you to get creative with.

Kirkstone Pass Inn

View at Kirkstone Pass Inn

So there we have it, a few excerpts from our family day out in Windermere. I hope it has given you a few ideas for things to do in this wonderful part of the Lake District.

6 Responses to A Family Day Out in Windermere

  1. Love the Lake District such a beautiful part of England!
    Becky Padmore recently posted…Discovering IsraelMy Profile

    • Adam Buller says:

      Yeah we love it there too Becky. It’s true that some of the most beautiful places can be right on your doorstep.

  2. A boat cruise, beer and fish-and-chips, fun with the kids – sounds like a great day! So funny, though. When we first read your post, we thought you were talking about Lake Windermere in British Columbia, Canada :-).
    Sand In My Suitcase recently posted…St. Nicolas Bay: Chilling at one of the best hotels in CreteMy Profile

    • Adam Buller says:

      Ah, no not quite as exotic as that I’m afraid. Now that would be an expensive family day out! 🙂

  3. I’ve not visited the Lake District much to my shame – it looks gorgeous and I really should make an effort to get there this year. The little pub looks great – loads of character 🙂
    Suzanne – Travelbunny recently posted…What to See and do in LisbonMy Profile

    • Adam Buller says:

      It truly is stunning Suzanne, definitely worth the trip! The pub was a nice end to the day, plenty of history to it and the setting was amazing. Look forward to reading your thoughts on the area. 🙂

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