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The Two Sides of Bolton Abbey

Bolton Abbey is one of Yorkshire’s most popular places to visit, for both locals and visitors to the area. Beautiful scenery, open spaces and, of course, the Abbey itself all make this place a wonderful day out for the family. If you’re visiting Bolton Abbey for the first time though, then you may not know that there are actually two sides to the Bolton Abbey experience depending on where you choose to park your car or bike.

Exploring the North Yorkshire Dales – A Week at Merok Cottage

As we’ve discussed in previous posts on Travel Ideaz the Yorkshire Dales is one of my favourite spots in the whole of the UK. With so many great family walks, historic buildings and so much beautiful and quite spectacular scenery to enjoy, a holiday in this region of the country can be very fulfilling.

Malham Cove – Spectacular yet Serene

For around 8 years now, my wife and I have lived just on the outskirts of the Yorkshire Dales in a little town called Colne. While it isn’t exactly a quiet town, we’ve always felt that life in Colne is about as close as we can get to country living while still being able to enjoy the close amenities that town living can bring.

5 Places to visit in the Yorkshire Dales

Here on Travel Ideaz we’ve written posts on a vast array of destinations all around the world. Sometimes though you don’t have to travel to another continent to experience some amazing things and see some wonderful sights, often times they can be found right on your doorstep. I’ve lived in many places but for the past five years I’ve been living right on the cusp of the Yorkshire Dales and have developed quite a love for the area, you could even call it an obsession. So for a change I thought it might be nice to mention a few of the best places to visit in the Yorkshire Dales in case you happen to find yourself in the area for a few weeks or even just a few days.

The importance of location when staying in London

London is visited by over 20 million tourists each year. Many of these tourists read a lot of blog posts and travel articles which try their very best to describe London and its attractions to these would be travellers. Until you experience London first hand though, it really is difficult to understand just how difficult it can be to get around if you don’t take enough time and care when choosing a place to stay.