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The Best Jobs That Let You Travel


Isn’t the idea of working your way around the globe pretty exciting?

The prospect of getting a job that lets you travel is now a lot more possible than it ever was in the past. So, how can you earn a living while you carry out your globe-trotting?

Inspiring Reasons to Travel Solo


I guess that a lot of people would love to travel but don’t do so because they are worried about doing it alone.

I was in the same situation before heading off from home the first time. So, what inspiring reasons are there for travelling solo?

Glasgow for Culture and Speaking to People


It seems hard to believe now but it wasn’t too long ago that Glasgow was regarded as a smelly, impoverished, dirty city with huge crime problems. These days, it is an attractive and appealing place, although it still has an undeniably gritty feel to parts of it.

Riding the Devil’s Nose in Ecuador


Getting on a train is usually an everyday experience. You might even call it boring when the trip involves the usual daily commute from home to work or back.

Yet, all over the world there are some amazing train rides that will thrill you. Probably the best trip of this type I have ever made was on the incredible Nariz del Diablo (Devil’s Nose) ride in Ecuador.

Pyramid Hunting in Guatemala


If you want to see some spectacular pyramids in a natural setting then you might think that Egypt is the only choice of destination for doing this.

However, before packing your bags and heading off for an adventure on the Nile you could consider some of the other places around the world with stunning pyramids.

Interestingly, Sudan has more of these structures than any other country, while you will also find them in places such as Nigeria and Mexico. Having said that, is there anywhere more thrilling to go pyramid hunting then in Guatemala?