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Affordable Argentina Offers Unique Thrills


For me, one of the great things about spending a lot of time in South America has been the chance to explore Argentina.

I knew next to nothing about this massive country before arriving here but it quickly turned into my favourite place in the world. So much so that I now take every possible opportunity to go down there to check out a different part of the country. So what is it that is so good about Argentina?

3 Great Beaches in Ecuador


A friend who just got back from Ecuador reminded me the other day how brilliant the beaches are here. You might not think of Ecuador as being the sort of place for hitting the sand but there are actually some amazing beaches around the country and I went to three of them.

Punta del Diablo and Other Trendy Uruguay Attractions


Uruguay is one of those countries that I stumbled into almost by mistake. I was in Buenos Aires enjoying a coffee and some tango when I read that I could get a ferry across the Rio de la Plata to Colonia or Montevideo. I think I left some coffee in my cup in my haste to reach the ferry terminal on time for the next departure.

Cordoba Is Nothing Like Buenos Aires


The first thing you need to know about Cordoba is that there are three cities with the same name. The one I am talking about here isn’t the one in Spain with the famous mosque. It isn’t even the one in Mexico that is called the City of the Thirty Knights.

The Best Places to Travel in South America

Iguazu Falls

Once you start exploring South America you realise that this is the sort of vast continent that you could spend the rest of your life travelling around.

There are so many incredible spots here that it can be tough to know where to get started. To help you get going, here are what I consider to be the very best places to see in South America.