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Affordable Argentina Offers Unique Thrills


For me, one of the great things about spending a lot of time in South America has been the chance to explore Argentina.

I knew next to nothing about this massive country before arriving here but it quickly turned into my favourite place in the world. So much so that I now take every possible opportunity to go down there to check out a different part of the country. So what is it that is so good about Argentina?

Crossing the Border at Bermejo into Argentina


If there is one thrill we miss out on when we live in the UK it is that of crossing an international border by land.

I crossed from Scotland into England and back quite a few times and it was always a sort of anti-climax to pass from one country to another without any sort of fanfare or red tape.

Take a trip across to South America, though, and travelling from one country to another becomes an exciting and often troublesome process.

Top Places to Visit in Argentina


Your first look at a map of Argentina in order to plan a trip there is likely to be a worrying experience.

This South American country is just so massive that working out where to go is one of the biggest challenges of any visit there. So where are the top places to visit in Argentina?

Meat, Dulce de Leche and Empanadas: Go Food Crazy in Argentina


To be honest, food was never really a big part of the travel experience for me until I got to Argentina. Once I arrived to this country I was blown away by the food, gained about a stone in weight and would never again travel anywhere without making the food an important element of the whole thing.

The Famous Argentine Meat

I’m not really a huge meat fan. Still, I kept reading that the Argentine meat is the best in the world. Oh yeah, how great could it be? I was walking past a tenedor libre (which is a meat buffet style place) one of my first days in Buenos Aires and decided to give it a try. The first thing that struck was me all of the confusing cuts I was offered by the staff. I had no idea which part of the deceased cow any of them had come from but decided to try a few which looked unthreatening.

Wet and Pretty Wonderful in Iguazu


There are regrettably few times in life when we get to stand soaking wet next to one of nature’s finest wonders and think that the world is pretty wonderful after all. Iguazu is a place where this will happen to you.