5 Mexican Traditions You Will Love

Mexico is one of the most exciting countries in the world for anyone who wants to see colourful and fascinating traditions which have a long and rich history. The following are just a few of the top Mexican traditions which you are sure to love.

Listening to Mariachi Bands

Music plays a big part in a trip anywhere and in Mexico you will hear a lot of it. Mariachi is the type of music which most tourists enjoy, although the music is only part of the attraction. The elaborate outfits are also interesting and the music is often performed at a variety of different social occasions. If you see a group looking really smartly dressed and carrying violins, trumpets and guitars then be sure to stop and have a listen. It might take you a while to get used to this style of music but after you have you will start humming along to the tunes.

Drinking Tequila

Tequila is the most famous drink to come out of Mexico and you will find it on sale everywhere, as well as mentioned in songs and on the TV. One aspect of the drink you might not be aware of is how it is made in the first place. You can arrange a tourist excursion to see how the blue agave plant is harvested and then baked and shredded. This is an interesting process to watch and makes the tasting of a glass of the stuff later on all the most special. This is strong stuff, though, and if you aren’t used to it then you won’t want to drink too much of it.

pinataHitting the Piñata

The idea of using a stick to hit a hollow suspended object which is filled with goodies isn’t unique to Mexico but this country is seen as the spiritual home to the piñata. These colourful objects are commonly used in children’s birthday parties and in the run up to Christmas, and the kids need to whack them in order to release the sweets and toys from inside them. The making of beautiful, unique piñatas is something of an art form in Mexico and you are sure to see some great ones. You might even get the chance to hit one if you are lucky.


The Mexicans love their food and the country is home to one of the planet’s most unique cuisines. Mexican food is famous throughout the world but you need to sample it here in order to fully appreciate it in all its glory. Tamales, tortillas and tacos are some of the most popular dishes you will find on offer here. One of the best things about eating in this country is that there is a strong culture of street food. This is a fine way to sample some food in a lively and relaxed setting. There are also many great restaurants here, with Mexico City and Guadalajara having particularly good selections to choose from.

Having Fiestas

If there is one thing the Mexicans love is it is having a fiesta. The calendar is peppered with fiestas, the majority of them with religious connotations which might not be immediately obvious to you. No matter where you go in the country and at what time of year you travel you are unlikely to be too from one of these events. The start of November is the Day of the Dead, which is one of the most traditional fiestas here; while there are many other ones to look out for in order to spice up your time here even more. Join in with the party atmosphere and you are sure to have a great time.

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