5 of the Best Theatre Shows to See in London

Even if you aren´t usually a big fan of the theatre you will probably think of a trip to a show as being one of the highlights of any time you spend in the UK capital.

There are plenty of top notch theatre shows on in London all year round and it is relatively easy to pick up cheap tickets online, so what is stopping you from seeing one of these brilliant shows?

Les Miserables

I saw this show when I lived in London a few years ago and loved it. It is the second longest running show in the West End and the expression timeless classic seems perfect for it.índice I didn´t know anything about the story the night I went but it was easy to follow and really enjoyable. I had booked a meal and theatre ticket for a good price before going and it turned out to be a fantastic decision.

The Lion King

I also went to see this amazing show, which has been running in London for 15 years now. I had seen the film first of all but I have to admit that I preferred the show. The costumes are wonderful and the whole show just flew past me as I enjoyed it so much. It isn´t just for the kids, as I went along as part of a romantic evening and thought that it was ideal for this purpose.

Man and Superman

Unlike the classics we have just looked at, Man and Superman is a new theatre show that has received terrific reviews so far. It stars Ralph Fiennes and is based on a George Bernard Shaw drama. It covers a range of style, from romantic comedy to intellectual debate. It isn´t the easiest show to follow but it guarantees an interesting night out that gives you a few things to think about afterwards.

The Mouse Trap ShowThe Mousetrap    

If you want to see a classic West End show in London then you can´t do much better than watch The Mousetrap. This Agatha Christie mystery has been running continuously since 1952, making it the longest running show of any type in modern times. The show is famous for its twist ending and the fact that audiences are asked not to reveal the details of it once they leave the theatre. What makes this show so special that it has run for over 60 years without interruptions? You´ll need to check it out for yourself, as I haven´t seen it. However, I can recommend avoiding the Wikipedia article, as it tells you whodunit and why. Jeez, I would never have guessed.

Beautiful – The Carole King Musical

If you want a relatively simple, feel good show then the Carole King story will give you it. This shows her relationships with other people in the music industry and how she developed her songs from demos into some of the most popular and widely heard pieces of music ever written. Don´t worry if you think you won´t know any of the songs. Among the tunes featured are Natural Woman, You´ve Lost That Lovin Feeling and You´ve Got a Friend. That´s right; you know more of her songs that you thought you did.

Have you seen any of these amazing West End shows and can you recommend others?

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