5 Things Not to Miss in Buenos Aires

A trip to Buenos Aires is something which offers a treat for all of your senses. There is no doubt that this is one of the planet’s finest travel destinations for a number of reasons, although like all giant cities your first problem is in working out how best to spend your time. Well, here are 5 things you simply can’t afford to miss.

The Tango

tangoIf we are being honest, you aren’t going to miss the tango in Buenos Aires even if you try. There are touristy shows you can go to in order to enjoy this sensual dance but you will also find it all around you on a daily basis. The pedestrianized Calle Florida shopping area, the Boca area and the San Telmo antiques markets are some of the places where you are most likely to come across street performers dancing tango. It is a captivating style of dancing and if you are really brave you might even choose to take some lessons. If you want to enjoy an evening of tango with the locals instead of something downright touristy then check out the shows in the theatres on Calle Corrientes.

The Food

You already know about the Argentine love for meat, don’t you? You might be surprised to find that the rest of the food you eat here is just as delicious as the meat which is considered by many as being the world’s finest. Huge amounts of Italian immigrants entered here in the past, and they brought with them recipes which combined local knowledge and ingredients with the skills of other immigrants to produce something unique. Pizza, pasta, desserts and even hot dogs and popcorn seem to have a special flavour to them here. A special mention has to go to the dulce de leche. This is a cream, milky caramel which is everywhere here and is unbelievably good. It is spread on bread at breakfast, added in the middle of chocolate biscuits called alfajores and you will probably end up spooning it straight out of the jar as well.

The Football

bocaArgentines are passionate about their football and a trip to a game is a unique experience. Boca Juniors vs. River Plate is traditionally the big derby but any game you see will be a wonderful experience. The fans often spend the whole game bouncing up and down and singing catchy songs, no matter what happens on the pitch. If you can’t make it to a game then you could just visit Boca’s famous Bombonera stadium and buy some souvenirs.

The Cafes

There are some historic and atmospheric cafes in Buenos Aires which you should visit as well. Café Tortoni is one of the most famous coffee shops in the city but there are other, quieter ones to explore. Coffee and croissants is a typical breakfast meal or evening snack here and not to be missed. If you want to try something else to drink then ‘mate’ is the local drink of choice. This is a sort of herbal infusion made with hot water and dried leaves and sticks. The first time you drink it you will probably make a funny face and never want to try it again. However, give it another chance and it will grow on you. Maybe.

The Street Markets

Street markets are always exciting for tourists and Buenos Aires offers some classy ones. The San Telmo one which we mentioned earlier is rightly famous and you could end up spending a whole day here. You will also find other markets throughout the city and if you come across one unexpectedly it is a good idea to wander over and see what you can find. However, if you only plan to go to one then go to San Telmo and take your camera with you.

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