5 Things You Didn’t Expect to Be Doing in Bangkok

One of the most exciting aspects of a trip to somewhere as exotic as Bangkok is that you just don’t know what to expect. Sure, you might have seen a few travel programmes on the telly but did they show you any of the following things which you could do there?

Looking at a Golden David Beckham Statue in a Temple

becksThere are lots of religious structures in Thailand but, as far as we know, only one of them features a statue of a former England footballer. Wat Pariwas (also called Wat Pariwat) doesn’t have a lot else to attract the casual tourist but tucked away in the corner there is a small golden statue of David Beckham. His hairstyle is the one we recognise from the start of his career and the sponsor’s name can even be read on his t-shirt.  If you go there you’ll need to look carefully to spot him holding up the altar but he is definitely there.

Studying Dead Mass Murderers and Weirdly Deformed Bodies

People do strange things when they travel to foreign countries. There you are walking along the west bank of the Chao Phraya River when you see the Bangkok Forensic Museum beside you. It’s got to be worth just a quick look, hasn’t it? Actually, there are 6 museums in one here, with the anatomic, pathology and forensic ones especially recommended for giving you the creeps. Apart from being atmospheric old buildings they also feature downright bizarre exhibits such as dissected bodies, mutilated limbs and freakily huge body parts. There are mass murderers here who have been preserved for us to look at, including the infamous organ eating Si Quei.

Travelling By Boat

Many tourists arrive to Bangkok thinking that they are going to be travelling round in those cute little tuk-tuk taxis all the time. In fact, these are becoming increasingly expensive for tourists, with the drivers often charging way over the odds for foreign customers. A taxi is a safer bet but the river is more exciting. You get a unique view of any city from the water and Bangkok is no different in this respect. This is a cheap way of getting around and you will see such interesting sights as floating vegetable markets.

Getting a Massage in a Night Market

The night markets which run until around midnight are great places for getting a bargain on clothes and souvenirs. These are also brilliant for trying out some late night snacks and for generally experiencing an exciting way to spend an evening in one of the world’s great cities. However, maybe you aren’t expecting to find late night foot reflexology sessions and massages on offer as well. One of the big advantages of night markets is that you can avoid the stifling heat of the day time. Obviously you will want to stay safe and you will find that there are lots of online tips and advice from travellers about the best markets to visit.

robotStaring at a Giant Robot

Back in the 1980s a smart architect called Sumet Jumsai was commissioned to design a new building for the Bank of Asia. He decided that it would be a good idea to make it in the form of a 20 storey robot. It is one of those amazing sights which make simply stop and look up when you come across it for the first time. In fact, stumbling across amazing and unexpected sights like this is a huge part of the fun of travelling. As well as the dissected body parts and golden statues of David Beckham, of course.

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