Allianz Travel Insurance Review

Anyone who has traveled a lot probably already knows the benefits of having a good travel insurance policy. Personally, one of these policies once dug me out of a hole when my daypack with my passport and all of my most valuable possessions got nabbed by someone at the start of a long backpacking trip.

However, it’s clear that not every travel insurance policy is the same. While some could turn out to be among your best ever investments, others might not give you the same feeling of security when you set off on a trip.

This brings us onto the Allianz Travel Insurance offering. The fact that this policy comes from such a big and well known insurance company is definitely a great start. The company states that more than 13 million travellers used their insurance services last year, which is a hugely impressive figure whichever way you look at it. So what does it offer and is it worth joining those other policy holders?

The Support

No matter whether you are an experienced traveller or setting off on your first ever trip, you probably won’t like the idea of being stranded far from home in the case of an emergency. I was lucky that I was travelling with friends when my stuff was stolen, so I can only imagine how awful it must feel to be all alone when something really bad happens. The professional 24/7 support from Allianz is, therefore, very reassuring. The customer testimonials on their site provide some glowing tributes to the way in which the support staff have helped so many people through difficult situations. This is one of the most important aspects of any travel insurance policy so it is a very good start.

The Free 10 Day Look

If you are anything like me then when you are arranging a trip you change your plans a few times and don’t finalize everything until quite close to the date you are just about to travel. This is why the free 10 day look on Allianz travel insurance sounds so good. Basically, once you have taken out the policy you have 10 days in which you can decide to cancel and get all of your premium paid back to you. Obviously this clause only applies if you haven’t left on your trip or made a claim yet. If you aren’t 100% sure whether you are going to travel with insurance then this gives you the chance to get it arranged while you make your mind up.

The Coverage

Clearly no insurance policy is worth the premium unless is offers the coverage you need. No matter how good their support is, they need to protect you to make it worthwhile taking out a policy. The other thing I was impressed with on the Allianz Travel Insurance Website is the fact that there are a few different types of plan to choose from. For example, on a single trip you can choose from the Essential Plan, the Basic Plan, the Classic Plan or the Classic Plan + Trip. These all cover different types of situations and a quick glance at the site is enough to work out what the differences between them are. There are also annual policies and rental car policies to choose from.

The Verdict

For travel insurance that gives complete peace of mind when travelling it is hard to find fault with the Allianz policy. The range of different types of cover, the excellent support and the free 10 day look are all strong points that help make it an impressive product well worth considering.

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