Be Amazed by Angkor Wat


Travelling the world and seeing different countries is all about living out wonderful new experiences and surprising yourself by doing things you had never dreamed of doing before. Even if you have never before shown any sort of interest in ancient, ruined temples in Asia you will find that Angkor Wat is one of the places you never forget about after visiting it.

The Angkor Wat complex is in Cambodia and we might as well start off looking at it by going over some statistics. With an outer wall with runs to over 2 miles long and which encloses over 200 acres of space it is a huge area. The temple complex itself is described at the biggest religious monument on the planet. It was built in the 12th century and has marvelled visitors for centuries, many of them have called it one of the finest series of structures on Earth.

What Is It?

angkorIf you are expecting a single temple then you are in for a big surprise. This is a massive complex of temples which covers a large area and which includes a lot of things to see. You shouldn’t expect to see it all in a couple of hours and if you can stay here for at least a couple of days you won’t regret it.  The state of preservation of some of the walls within this ancient temple in such a humid place is quite remarkable. Other parts of it show definite signs of wear and tear but overall you are likely to be left astonished at the high standard of workmanship which the Khmer people were able to produce so long ago. The best idea to fully enjoy this place is to wander around it in a leisurely fashion and soak up the magic and the atmosphere of one of the finest places you are ever likely to be in your life.

How to Get There

watAngkor Wat is the main tourist attraction in Cambodia and is the main reason many travellers decide to make a stop in this country. It lies a few miles from the town of Siem Reap and you can decide to see it on your way from, for example, Thailand to Vietnam if you are on a country hopping trip.   To be fair, Cambodia is an interesting enough country for you spend a lot of time in but with so much to do and see in this part of the world you might find that it makes sense to make a flying visit with the main purpose of seeing Angkor Wat. If you arrive to the wonderfully atmospheric capital city of Phnom Penh and want to go straight to Angkor Wat then you can get there by a variety of means, all of which take between about 3 and 5 hours. Any travel agency in the city should be able to sort this out for you, while you could also hook up with some travellers and travel together by bus or taxi.

When to Go

Choosing when to travel to this hot, humid region is a bit of a tricky task. Basically, there is no perfect time and very few months you should definitely avoid. Most tourists go in December or January and this is definitely the best time if you want to avoid sweltering heat and humidity. However, these magical buildings are best appreciated without huge crowds of tourists swarming around you. May and June are probably the only two months to avoid completely, as this is when the rain could make travelling difficult and the heat is likely to be intense.

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