Best Beaches on Majorca: The Unholy Trinity of Beaches

You probably already know that Majorca is a place where a lot of people go to get drunk and lie on the beach. What you might not know that is there is more to it than that.

I lived on the island of Majorca for a couple of years and did my fair share of exploring the beaches as well as seeing some of the cultural side to the place.

To be honest, I know there are a lot of quiet, secluded beaches on the island but I preferred the busy, lively ones at the big resorts. They are brash, tacky and not at all like being anywhere else in Spain but they are great fun too. The following is the unholy trinity of my best beaches on Majorca.

Cala Mayor

calaThis was my local beach, as I lived about 5 minutes walk away from it. In fact, I lived right across the street from the Spanish Royal Family’s summer residence and had to walk past it to get to this strip of sand. It is a fairly small beach and during the summer it gets really crowded during the day. However, what I loved about it was that I could go down there in the evening with my wife and we would have it all to ourselves (we never bumped into the King down there in his trunks). We would take down a picnic at about 10pm and then go for a swim or a lazy float in the water. It was especially exciting when one of those giant cruise ships went past and the wake it left caused giant waves to throw us onto the shore gasping and spitting out water. This is regarded as one of the best beaches in Majorca in the area close to the capital of Palma. It lies to the west of the capital city. In terms of the other people there, the businesses around it seemed to be Scandinavian oriented and there appeared to be a lot of French tourists in the area during the summer as well.

Palma Nova

palma novaWhile I was on the island I worked in a bank in Palma Nova. What I didn’t realise before I went there was that this is basically a resort which joins onto the infamous holiday spot called Magaluf. Thankfully, I sorted out my accommodation over at Cala Mayor, so I didn’t have to put up with pounding discos all night long and 15 year old kids being sick on my doorstep. However, the big plus point to working in Palma Nova is that there are a series of wonderful beaches along the coast here. I would often go for an early morning walk along the sand before the bank opened and feel the lovely early morning sun on my face. I ended up moving out here in my last couple of months before leaving Majorca. This was during winter time and the place was completely and utterly deserted. I would walk along the beach to get home and would never meet a single soul. Needless to say I didn’t open many accounts during those months. If you want a busy, lively beach in the summer or an eerily empty one in the winter then these are some of the best beaches on Majorca.


arenalThe final of my best beaches on Majorca is S’Arenal. This beach is across on the opposite side of Palma from Cala Mayor and is a popular resort with German tourists. In fact, it is kind of like the German equivalent to Magaluf in some ways. I used to get the bus to here and then eat a giant sausage while watching some incomprehensible programme on the telly or enjoying the performance of a low budget German singer. There are some nice shops and restaurants here. The beach itself is narrow and long but it is the action which goes on around it which lures me to unholy but thrilling beaches like this.

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