Buenos Aires Safety Travel Tips

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Buenos Aires, is an amazing cosmopolitan and touristic destination. It is a relatively safe place. However, like many other big cities it also has its dark sides. Generally, violent crimes are rare but petty crimes like scams and muggings are quite common. Here are some essential safety travel tips to keep you out of trouble and make your trip as pleasurable as possible:


plastic suitcase wrappingTake care of your luggage while at the airport to prevent them from being opened. You may also wrap your luggage in plastic wraps to deter this (you will find people offering service at the airport for a small fee).


Nowadays Its recommended to come to Buenos Aires with US dollars. There’s a great demand for dollars and you can get here much better rates than the official exchange rates. Also, most tourist hotels and banks accept US dollars and credit cards in addition to Argentine Pesos. Some services like cabs may require you to use pesos. So always take with you some pesos just in case. In addition, Fake bills are quite common so you need to be cautious. Ensure you walk around with small denomination bills to avoid being given fake bills.

Using Cabs 

Radio taxis (cabs registered to a taxi company) are recommended because the driver follows set standards. Some like ‘Tigre Leon’ are trustworthy and allow you to prepay at the airport. Moreover, in case of any complaints you can always track them through the company. You also need to have a general direction on where you are going in terms of the route and the average time it takes from point A to B. This way, you will avoid a common scam among cab drivers which involves taking a longer route in order to charge you more.taxi-buenos-aires

Beware of tricks from cab drivers especially in regard to giving fake bills as change or exchanging your genuine bill with a fake one. In addition, ensure that the driver starts the meter when the journey begins or else you will end up paying an inflated figure. You may also arrange with your hotel to cater for your cab then include it as part of your bill.

Going out

Avoid walking around with your travel documents In case you are robbed you will be stuck in a foreign land without any document! Instead, walk with documents that are easy to replace like a driver’s license and a copy of your passport.

Also, While walking around the streets always beware of your surrounding and be alert especially when someone is either asking you for help or pretending to help. Beware of pickpockets and ‘motor robots’ (who rob using motor bikes). To deter this avoid wear jewellery or showing off expensive items, only carry essential items and small amount of cash.  When walking around or using public transportation its always better to go with someone and not alone. At night its much safer and recommended to take a taxi.

Finally, enjoy your holiday; don’t let fear ruin your well-deserved holiday!

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