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Discover Delhi’s Culinary Delights

Looking to get a taste of Delhi’s rich culture? Follow the beckoning aromas (and crowds of hungry locals) to Chandni Chowk, where street-side kiosks dole out generous servings of Delhi’s most delicious street food, from light-as-air chaats to full-flavoured biryanis.

Why Teaching English in China is a Smart Move

I must admit that my experience of teaching English while abroad is extremely limited.

While I was working in a jungle reserve with other volunteers a couple of us got invited over to help out with an English class. It was good fun and it was amazing to see how grateful the parents were afterwards. One even came running up to and gave us a gift of a large piece of fruit.

From Teak Houses to Green Elephants: A Beautiful Day in Bangkok

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Although there are many famous things to see in Bangkok, it’s always lovely to have enough time to visit a few things that aren’t the top-rated #1 tourist attractions. For one thing, lesser-known sights aren’t as crowded. When they are, they’re usually full of nationals rather than tourists, so they’re full of great opportunities for people-watching.

5 Things You Didn’t Expect to Be Doing in Bangkok

One of the most exciting aspects of a trip to somewhere as exotic as Bangkok is that you just don’t know what to expect. Sure, you might have seen a few travel programmes on the telly but did they show you any of the following things which you could do there?

Be Amazed by Angkor Wat


Travelling the world and seeing different countries is all about living out wonderful new experiences and surprising yourself by doing things you had never dreamed of doing before. Even if you have never before shown any sort of interest in ancient, ruined temples in Asia you will find that Angkor Wat is one of the places you never forget about after visiting it.

The Angkor Wat complex is in Cambodia and we might as well start off looking at it by going over some statistics. With an outer wall with runs to over 2 miles long and which encloses over 200 acres of space it is a huge area. The temple complex itself is described at the biggest religious monument on the planet. It was built in the 12th century and has marvelled visitors for centuries, many of them have called it one of the finest series of structures on Earth.