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What Will You Find in New Zealand?

For Brits New Zealand is about as far away as it gets. Yet, the language and the strong British heritage also makes is a very familiar sort of place as well.

This means that we are left with a bit of a conundrum. What will you find when you get there? Will it be just like being at home or will you feel as though you are on the opposite site of the world after all?

The 5 Best Road Trips in Australia

If you want to explore a big, open country then you can’t do much better than head off to Australia. Many tourists decide to hire or buy a vehicle here and explore the country independently. This is a fantastic idea and the following are some of the finest road trips which you should consider making in Australia.

The Trip You Can’t Miss – The Great Ocean Road

If you have already heard of just one Australian road trip then it is probably this one. At 152 miles long, the Great Ocean drive in Victoria is a fine distance for exploring if you don’t have too much time on your hands but still want to see a lot of new places. The road runs between the towns of Torquay and Warrnambool, with a number of top class tourist attractions along the way.

5 Places You Must See in Australia


Australia is such a huge, diverse country that you might wonder how you are going to figure out which bits of it to see. You could spend months travelling around here and still feel that there are places you want to see. If you don’t have as much time as this to tour Australia then maybe you will settle for visiting these 5 outstanding parts of the country.