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The Amazing Benefits of a Long Bus Trip

When you think about travelling on a long trip to somewhere exciting then there is a very good chance that you imagine yourself sitting comfortably in an airplane.

Flying is by far the simplest way to get away but once you reach your destination you will find that getting around by bus is a lot of fun and brings you some big benefits.

What Is the World’s Greatest Trek?

If you have got itchy feet and a pair of sturdy boots then maybe it is time to get trekking. The good news is that the world is filled with wonderful places where you can walk for days on end before arriving somewhere amazing.

So, which one of these famous treks is ideal for you?

The People That Can Inspire You to Travel Round the World

Rather than looking at a specific destination here, I thought that it might be interesting to consider the many people who are out there who could inspire you to travel in the first place.

5 of the Best Travel Books Money Can Buy

Before we look at specific travel books it is worth considering what we mean by travel book. After all, some are guides and some are stories of people travelling to new places or moving abroad.

Why Start Your World Trip with Some Voluntary Work?

Giving up my job and taking a year out to travel was probably the biggest and best decision I have made in my life. Starting the trip with a few months of voluntary work has to come close behind it in the list of good decisions, though.