Does Travelling Make You a Better Employee?

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The idea of international travel is one that has appealed to most of us at one time or another, whether this is during a gap year or after a sustained period of work and building a career.

Unless you become a serial traveller, however, at some point you will return to normality and resume your chosen career path. Not only this, but there is evidence to suggest that those who travel gain knowledge and experience that makes them better employees, which can offer benefits to both individuals and employees alike.

So, how exactly does travel help you to become a better employee? Let’s take a look:

  1. Travellers Are Curious and Outstanding Listeners

In the digital age, we have access to more methods of communication than ever before. From email to the continued proliferation of land-line numbers and area codes, technology has provided us with numerous ways of interacting in our personal and professional lives.

Despite this, there remains evidence to suggest that the core communication skill of listening is continually in decline in the workplace. Fortunately, this is something that travellers tend to be driven in an innate sense of curiosity, which transcends individual activities to create an open and progressive mind-set.

Such curiosity compels travellers to learn, both from their surroundings and those who they meet on their travels. At the heart of this is a willingness to listen, which helps with core business tasks such as problem solving, project management and conflict resolution.

  1. Travellers Are Goal Oriented and Organised

Travelling across the goal is an ambitious project, while planning global trips can be difficult and time-consuming.

From this, we can deduce two things. Firstly, travellers tend to be extremely goal oriented, as they are capable to working diligently and taking incremental steps towards achieving a core objective. This is central to career growth, while it is also an outlook that creates extremely valuable candidates for work.

Secondly, travellers have excellent and independent organisational skills, as planning trips abroad requires research, foresight and a decidedly analytical mind. With skills such as budgeting and logistics required as part of this, those with a love of travel often make for ambitious and multi-skilled employees.

  1. Travellers Are Worldly and Extremely Adaptable

Travellers often cite increased worldliness as a benefit of travel, but how does this translate in the workplace?

Essentially, it creates open-minded and knowledgeable employees, who tend to be multi-lingual and tolerant of different cultures and customers. This offers huge benefits in a multi-cultural workplace, while it also offers an advantage to companies that trade in international markets.

Not only this, but travellers tend to be adaptable and capable of responding positively to various social, cultural and professional challenges.

So there you have it; three ways in which travelling makes you a better employee. Employers should also bear this mind, as while some may decide not to hire candidates with a history of travelling due to commitment concerns, these individuals offer considerable value on the modern workforce.

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