How to Get a Cheap Flight

One of the biggest factors that will determine if you can get a cheap break or not is the price of the flights. Get a great deal on these and you are off to a fine start. Here we’ll give you a few tips on how to get a cheap flight.

Check Various Dates

Some travel sites have a useful system that lets you see a calendar with the price of flights on different dates around the days you have chosen. If you have some flexibility on the dates you travel then this is going to really help you get the best deal. Even if you use a site that doesn’t offer this facility you should still check out a few different dates. If you are travelling on a popular tourist route you might find that weekdays are cheaper. On the other hand, predominantly business routes can often be a lot less expensive at the weekend.

Try Different Routes

It is sometimes the case that there a few different ways of getting from your departure point to your destination. A good example comes with the flights I took a few times from the UK to South America and back. Going through the US usually worked out better but sometimes going via Spain or having a stopover in a different part of South America would be cheaper. You should try and work out the different routes available to you and see which ones offer the best value.

Be Flexible with the Airports

Another good idea is to see which airports suit your budget best. When I lived in London I used to check all of the London airports for prices, as it wasn’t much more difficult for me to get to one of them than any other. In other parts of the country it can be a bit more difficult to get to alternative airports but it can be worth it. A cheap bus trip or train journey from your home to a more distant airport can end up saving you a lot of money. The same goes at the other end, as sometimes you can find an alternative place to fly to that costs less. This is especially true in Europe, where budget airlines often fly to airports a bit further outside the main cities rather than to the well known airports.

Collect Frequent Flyer Miles

imagesIf you are planning on flying fairly regularly then this is a good time start collecting air miles. I have to admit that this is something I was slow on starting. I used to travel a lot with my work but never got round to applying for frequent flyer status, meaning that I probably missed out on a lot of free flights. Let the points build up over time and you could end up with a very nice surprise at some point. You could also use a credit card that lets you collect miles on your normal monthly spending and see how quickly you can get a free or cheap flight in this way.

Keep on Searching

There are lots of travel sites these days and they often provide wildly varying prices. One of the most popular websites for comparing and getting a cheap flight is the aptly named which works with over 300 travel partners including likes of Expedia and CheapOair to find the cheapest available flight. The individual airlines also have their own sites where you might pick up a bargain you don’t find elsewhere. The simple rule to bear in mind here is that the more you search the cheaper your flight is likely to be. You might like to try and save some time by signing up for travel alerts, but you can still expect to put some effort into it if you want to get a cracking deal on your flights.

What other tricks have you used to get a good value flight in the past?

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