How to Make the Most of Your Air Miles

If you collect Air Miles then you will no doubt feel great about it when the time comes to cash them in and go on a great trip. This could be your chance to get a free flight somewhere exciting and have a fantastic time thanks to the points you have collected.

However, might you make the mistake of not spending your Air Miles as wisely as you would hope? The last thing you want to do is waste the points you have painstakingly built up over time. This means that you will want to think about it carefully before you decide what to spend them on.

Book at the Right Time

Whenever you book a flight it usually pays to do so either well in advance or at the last minute. If you do it well in advance you should get a decent price because there will be more empty seats available on the plane. Doing it at the last minute is riskier, as you might either get a bargain or not be able to get a seat at all. When redeeming Air Miles the same sort of principle applies, so it makes sense to pick the right time to book your flight. Generally speaking, booking in advance should give you the best chance of using your points wisely.

Fly During the Low Season

We all know that going on holiday during the high season costs more money than doing it during the low season. This is simply because there are more people who want to travel during the high season. This issue also has an effect on the value you get from your Air Miles. If you want to stretch them as far as you can then it makes sense to choose a destination that is currently in the low season. This might not seem like a lot of fun at first but heading somewhere when it is quieter can actually make for a great trip, especially if what you really want to do is relax.

Get the Best Value Destination

The previous points are things that reasonably experienced travellers would probably do without even really thinking about it. However, this one is something you might never have thought about before. It basically concerns the way in which your Air Miles might get you a bigger discount going to one destination rather than another. This is because the real cost of going to different cities can be vastly different, even if the cost in Air Miles is pretty much the same. The simplest way to fully understand this is to work out the true value of some different destinations using a handy online Air Miles value calculator. In this way you can easily work out which city best suits you if you want to make the most of your accumulated points.

Go Somewhere You Really Want to Go

Is there a possibility that you will end up wasting your Air Miles by going somewhere you aren’t really all that interested in going to? This might seem unlikely but you could be surprised to see how many people have done this in the past. Probably the biggest danger here is that you hold onto the points too long and then panic when you see that they are going to expire. A good idea is to look at that calculator we mentioned earlier and work out in advance which places you would like to visit. You can then start looking for flights to spend your Air Miles on as soon as you earn enough of them to do so.

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