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What Is the World’s Greatest Trek?

If you have got itchy feet and a pair of sturdy boots then maybe it is time to get trekking. The good news is that the world is filled with wonderful places where you can walk for days on end before arriving somewhere amazing.

So, which one of these famous treks is ideal for you?

The Best Places to Go Extreme Swimming

Swimming is one of life’s great pleasures, giving you a great workout and letting you relax at the same time. If you want to add some extreme swimming to your trips then where can you most easily do so?

Take a City Break and Enjoy Barcelona

It wasn’t until I moved away from the UK that I realised how brilliantly placed it is for taking city breaks in some of the world’s finest places. Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Amsterdam are just a few of the best foreign city breaks that you could easily take from here.

Bilbao Isn’t Just About Art

What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you see the name Bilbao? Would it be a certain museum by any chance?

There are few cities in the world which tourists link with one specific attraction as much as Bilbao with the Guggenheim. This is as much to do with the amazing design of the building as it is with the massive collection of contemporary art inside it.

Horchata, Paella and Giant Burning Figures Make Valencia Kind of Exciting

You might hear a lot about the cities of Barcelona and Madrid. They are exciting, cosmopolitan Spanish cities where you have a great time, make some new friends and enjoy some terrific food as well.

However, what I discovered when I spent time living in Spain was that the country has a lot of other places worth visiting. I was living and working on the island of Mallorca, so Valencia was one of the easiest places to get across to on the mainland.

I wasn’t expecting much of the place but it turned out to be a fantastic place to spend some time. The following are some of the highlights of Valencia which made it such a special spot for me.