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Yorkshire Museum Review

The City of York is a tourist hotspot for both those who live in the UK and also those visiting the country. A lot of the interest in the city is due to its rich Roman and Viking heritage, not to mention the fact that it is known as the original ‘Capital of the North’ with its spectacular cathedral!

All of this heritage can be experienced and explored by paying a visit to the Yorkshire Museum. But how good is the Yorkshire Museum, is it family friendly and should you take the time to visit it? This is what we’ll be discussing in this Yorkshire Museum review.

Glasgow for Culture and Speaking to People

It seems hard to believe now but it wasn’t too long ago that Glasgow was regarded as a smelly, impoverished, dirty city with huge crime problems. These days, it is an attractive and appealing place, although it still has an undeniably gritty feel to parts of it.

Saltholme RSPB – Britain’s Most Unexpected Nature Reserve

If there’s one thing we and our children love, it is nature. We do our best to get out into the countryside when we’re at home, and we also like to carry this on when we go on holiday too. Recently we returned to the North Yorkshire Moors for a holiday and while we were there we visited the Saltholme RSPB Centre.

4 of the Weirdest UK Festivals and Events

It is only after moving away from the UK that I realised how weird and wacky this country is. For a start, I haven’t found anywhere in the world where you can encounter such an amazing sense of humour from ordinary people in everyday situations.

However, perhaps what best shows the eccentric nature of the Brits more than anything else is the long and somewhat mystifying list of weird UK festivals and events.

A Family Day Out in Windermere

Windermere is one of the best known lakes in the Lake District and if you are planning a visit to the area then it is likely that Windermere will be on your list of places to visit. We recently had a day out at Windermere and so I thought I’d share the experience in case it gives you a few ideas of things you could do there.