The 5 Best Road Trips in Australia

If you want to explore a big, open country then you can’t do much better than head off to Australia. Many tourists decide to hire or buy a vehicle here and explore the country independently. This is a fantastic idea and the following are some of the finest road trips which you should consider making in Australia.

The Trip You Can’t Miss – The Great Ocean Road

If you have already heard of just one Australian road trip then it is probably this one. At 152 miles long, the Great Ocean drive in Victoria is a fine distance for exploring if you don’t have too much time on your hands but still want to see a lot of new places. The road runs between the towns of Torquay and Warrnambool, with a number of top class tourist attractions along the way. The 12 Apostles are probably the most famous of them all, a stunning set of limestone pillars in the sea next to the road. There are plenty of other things to catch your attention along the way and you will surely be tempted to make some frequent stops to soak it all up.12

Round the Country – Highway 1

On the other hand, if you have a lot more time on your hand and want to really see Australia you could take on one of the planet’s longest roads. Highway 1 offers an incredible road trip as it winds its way round the edge of the country. The fact that the map of this route so closely resembles the outline of the country tells you everything you need to know about how extensive it is. It runs to about 9,000 miles and passes through all of the states (including Tasmania) and nearly all of the capital cities. The road conditions vary wildly on such a long highway, from big, urban motorways to deserted rural roads and just about everything in between. You’ll need time to make this road trip but you won’t ever forget it.

The Smaller Island – Tasmania

With Australia being such a massive country you might decide that a smart option is to explore Tasmania instead of the mainland. This is a fantastic state and the Huon Trail is one of the best road trips here, covering a lot of the richly varied natural wonders which Tasmania offers. Otherwise, you could get a car in Hobart and visit the rightly famous beach at Wineglass Bay or see the island’s notorious former penal centres. If you really want to get to know one part of Australia rather than see a bit of everything then this could be a good option.

An Adventurous Ride – The Savannah Way

If you want even more excitement while driving in Australia you could try on the Savannah Way for size. This stunning road trip takes you from Cairns in North Queensland to the historic town of Brown, which is in Western Australia and is famous for the pearling once carried out from here. This is a journey of over 2000 miles which will take you through exhilarating tropical savannah in the interior of the country before you reach the coast again. It’s not the easiest road trip in this part of the world but it is enormously rewarding.


A Dose of Culture – Red Centre Way

ozIf you don’t get excited about the thought of a trip from Alice Springs to Uluru / Ayers Rock then it is probably time to give up on the idea of making a road trip. This is a trip of about 700 miles which you will probably take a few days to carry out. Alice Spring is a great town and there are many other fascinating places to check out before you arrive to one of the country’s most famous sites and one of the world’s finest natural wonders.

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