The Best Brazilian Snacks and Drink for World Cup Fans

The World Cup in Brazil is going to be a cracker, isn’t it? If you are planning on going there you will have a fantastic time and might even see your team enjoy some unforgettable victories. The games take place in exciting cities like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Manaus and Natal.

As well as the friendly people and the great weather let’s not forget that the food is often a highlight of any trip. In my visits to Brazil I have always loved the snacks and drink on offer. There is a great variety to choose from here and the following are some things you are sure to come across at some point.


This is chicken filled pastry type thing that often looks a bit like a small inverted cone. They are delicious snacks and you will find them for sale in lancherias, which are small snack bars. It is basically a piece of fried dough with fairly spicy chicken meat inside it. There are other light snacks on sale in most lancherias but this was without doubt my favourite. It is going to be ideal if you want something light and tasty before heading off to the game. The lancherias are usually filled with locals and during the World Cup I would expect there to be big crowds of fans from different countries enjoying the treats in here.


The 2014 World Cup is taking place during winter in the southern hemisphere. However, you are quite possibly still going to find it pretty hot while you are there. When you are in a snack bar take a look up and you will almost certainly see big containers of fresh juice swirling around in them. All of the flavours I tried were wonderfully refreshing but guaraná was just brilliant. This is made from a type of fruit that is famous for its energy giving properties. You can also buy it in cans but if you want to taste the real stuff without any additives then try your local lancheria when you need to cool down. Given the stimulating effect it has you might not want to drink too much of it, though.


chocAt this point it might be worth pointing out that I’m a sucker for sweet stuff. The good news is that a lot of Brazilians seem to share my love of chocolate and other lovely gooey treats. Brigadiero is the name of the national chocolate truffle of the country and they are yummy. I actually made some at home the other day so I know that they are made of cocoa powder and sweetened condensed milk rolled in butter and then covered in grated chocolate. It doesn’t sound bad, does it? If you like the idea of an energy boost during the games then having a few of them in your pocket is a great idea.


If you make friends with any Brazilians then you might get the chance to try this drink. However, even if you don’t you can still give it a bash on your own. All you need is a metal straw, a gourd and some dried herbs. Sounds weird so far, right? If you have been to Argentina, Paraguay or Uruguay you will probably have seen a very similar drink getting sucked through a metal straw. In Brazil tereré is usually drunk with cold water, rather than the hot water used for similar types of infusion. Sitting round with some new friends and drinking some of this will make you feel great and as though you are seeing a part of the real local culture.

Pão de Queijo

With all that football action going on it is going to be important to grab filling snacks whenever you can .This is a cheese and corn flour bread that is especially popular at breakfast time. The texture is kind of strange, with a chewy interior and a crumbly outside but it pretty addictive once you get a taste for it.

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