The Best Film Locations in US Cities

One of the most interesting things about travelling to the US is that you sometimes feel as though you are taking part in a movie or a television show. So many of the streets, parks and buildings have been big parts of our lives for so long that it can be a disorienting experience to finally see them in real life. So what famous film sites will you discover on your trip?

New York

Apparently Central Park is the most filmed location in the world. It is easy to believe when you look at a list of films which have been shot here; Home Alone II, Ghostbusters, Wall Street, the Incredible Hulk, Serendipity and so on. The first things which might take you back about this famous park are the size and central location of it. Once you have got to grips with it you can start looking for some of those parts of it where you have seen action unfold in the past. If you like, you can also join a short walking tour where you will have some of the most filmed areas pointed out to you.  After this, the next place you are most familiar with is probably the city’s biggest train station, properly known as Grand Central Terminal. The Fisher King has a wonderful sequence shot in here while fans of older films might remember Cary Grant trying to escape from the city in Hitchcock’s North by North West.

San Francisco

bullittThis is another incredibly cool city to visit and you will recognise more of it than you might think. Mrs Doubtfire lived in a house here, while Saints Peter and Paul Church has starred in Sister Act 2 and Dirty Harry. Perhaps the film which most springs to mind however is Bullit, with the famous car chase sequence taking place round the city’s streets. Vermont Street is said to be the most winding street in the world and once you see it then you will probably recognise it, maybe from Clint Eastwood tearing down it in Magnum Force. If we finish with Hitchcock again, we can see a few of the city’s locations in the famously frightening ‘The Birds’.

Washington DC

You might expect all of the films to have been set here to have been heavyweight political thrillers but it is actually a bit of a mixed bag. Our old friend Forrest Gump had some of his finest moments here although if you want to sit on the same bench and wonder about the similarities between life and a box of chocolates you’ll need to go to Georgia. The Exorcist, Enemy of the State and Hannibal are other films which have been shot here. Of course, with so many TV shows and pieces of news footage being shown from here you will probably end up with a weird mixture of images in your head as you walk around the city.

Los Angeles

futureWe can’t leave out Los Angeles from the list, can we? Films which you can remember as you visit the sites here include Rebel Without a Cause, Lethal Weapon and Terminator 3. Fans of the Back to the Future series of films can find Doc Brown’s house, a Burger King and a street or two in the real world. However, the benefit of being in Los Angeles is that you can go to Universal Studios Hollywood and see pretty much the full set on the tram tour. It has been used on other films and shows as well, so you might find it even more familiar looking than you expect it to be.

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