The Best Jobs That Let You Travel

Isn’t the idea of working your way around the globe pretty exciting?

The prospect of getting a job that lets you travel is now a lot more possible than it ever was in the past. So, how can you earn a living while you carry out your globe-trotting?

Teach English

If you are a native level English speaker then people all round the planet will want you to teach them the language. Giving English classes is one of the most common ways for travellers to afford to stay away for a long time.

One of the big advantages to this approach is that you get to speak to a lot of the locals every day. Teaching English doesn’t pay big wages in most parts of the world but it should be enough to let you carry on travelling.

Your first choice is over where to go, with Japan and South Korea highly rated by some for wages and job stability. Other countries that are worth looking at are Vietnam, Brazil, China and Argentina. You’ll more than likely need to get a TEFL qualification or something similar to teach in most countries, but these courses aren’t very expensive and they also don’t take too long to complete.

Basically, anywhere that interests you and where English isn’t a native language is worth looking into.

Internet Freelancer

Can you imagine working on the internet as you travel all the way from one country to another for months at a time? The first piece of good news here is that you don’t need to be an internet expert in order to work like this.


There are all sorts of online jobs you could look for; from writer to sales agent to personal assistant and more. No matter what skills and interests you have, there is almost certainly going to be something that you can do to a good level.

Of course, lots of people look for online jobs these days, as it offers an excellent way of earning money to people no matter where they live. However, if your first language is English then this is another situation in which that is really going to help you out when you look for opportunities in this competitive marketplace.

Perhaps there is one big drawback to this way of working, and that is the fact that you would need to spend a lot of time in front of your computer. Could you really imagine yourself going to Paraguay, Thailand or Jamaica and then spending 6 to 8 hours each day working online?

Having said that, if you can find an ideal way of working then it could be exactly what you need. Maybe you feel that you have the energy to work at night and go sight-seeing during the day?

Run Your Own Blog

This might sound like a similar idea to the previous one but the reality is likely to be a lot different. For a start, you are the boss and decide what to write about.

This means that you could write about your travels or anything else that you think could attract readers. The big downside in this case is that it is likely to be hard going at the start and you may need to work long hours to get it up and running.

Looking on the positive side, this way of working while travelling could be exactly what you need in order to carry on travelling for a long time without any money worries. If your blog becomes a hit then you could end up outsourcing most of the work to freelancers and living off the income with a lot of free time.

The idea of running your own blog will probably appeal to you if you want to be completely independent. However, it could make sense to start your blog and get it earning you money before you leave home.

Which of these methods sounds best to you, or do you have a better idea?

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