The Best Places in the World to See a Geyser

Is it just me or is everyone else fascinated by geysers as well? This natural phenomenon occurs in a few different places over the world, although they are still relatively rare.

Geysers tend to be found in places with volcanic activity so where would you like to go and see one? There are over a thousand known geysers on the planet and most of them are incredible to look at.

Yellowstone National Park, USA

It seems only fair to start with Yellowstone National Park, as around half of all the active geysers on Earth are to be found here. The most famous is Old Faithful, which was first named in 1870 and which still faithfully erupts every hour and a half every day of the year. The fact that it is so predictable means that it is the ideal place to be guaranteed the arresting sight of a geyser in action. Interestingly, in the olden days people were said to have used this geyser to wash their clothes, with the explosion of water sending their dirty garments flying into the air. There are many other geysers here worth seeing too, such as Steamboat, which at a maximum height of 90 metres is regarded as the tallest geyser in the world right now.

Haukadalur, Iceland

You probably already know that Iceland is famous for its beautiful, awe inspiring geysers as well. They are to be found pretty much all over the island, although the Haukadalur region is particularly recommended for keen geyser chasers. índice2In fact, the Great Geysir here is the one which gave us the word in the first place. This beauty started its active life about 10,000 years ago although it has been a bit stop-start for the last century or so. Close to the Great Geysir is Strokkur, which erupts far more regularly and is an impressive sight when it sends water up 30 metres into the sky. You can also enjoy thermal springs and boiling mud pits on this unforgettable island with intense seismic activity.

El Tatio, Chile

Chile is a place you might not associate with geysers as readily as the places we have just looked at. However, its place on the edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire means that it is home to a fair degree of seismic activity. One of the results of this is the presence of volcanoes and geysers. El Tatio is the best place to see geysers in South America. It now also has the biggest concentration of geysers in the southern hemisphere and the third highest concentration on the planet. There are 80 geysers and while they don´t eject water very high they are still well worth seeing in their spectacular natural setting high in the Andes. Getting here isn´t as easy as with some of the other geysers we have looked at but if you are in the desert oasis town of San Pedro de Atacama then it is a trip well worth considering. As the water doesn´t reach any great height you will see a number of trails of steam rising from the Earth in front of the mountains that surround El Tatio.

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