The Best Places to Go Extreme Swimming

Swimming is one of life’s great pleasures, giving you a great workout and letting you relax at the same time. If you want to add some extreme swimming to your trips then where can you most easily do so?

In the Jungle – Ecuador

I kind of guessed beforehand that spending time in the rainforest in Ecuador was going to involve a lot of water and potentially swimming. I wasn’t all that good a swimmer before I went there, so I went for some practise at the local pool before leaving the UK. It was good fun but it didn’t really prepare me for the extreme swimming possibilities in the jungle. I am sure I would have enjoyed my time here even more if I had felt more confident about swimming. For example, at one of the nature reserves we were in some of the guys decided to swim across to a tiny sandy island in the middle of a river with a strong current in it. It looked like great fun but I was too scared of getting dragged away by the current and ending up in the Atlantic Ocean to even try it. índiceIn the end, I stuck to splashing about in rock pools under waterfalls but if you want some extreme swimming then there is a lot of freedom and fun to be had here. I would definitely recommend a trip to the Ecuadorian rainforest if you want to feel the excitement of swimming far from civilization while exploring regions that appear to be untouched by humans.

Behind a Giant Cruise Ship – Majorca

I didn’t really head to Majorca in Spain looking for extreme swimming but I found it by mistake. Upon arrival I soon discovered that going down at night and swimming in the sea was fantastic. By about 10pm all the tourists were gone and I could just float there or go for a swim along the bay. However, this was also when the giant cruise ships often passed by, leaving massive wakes behind them. The first time this happened I got thrown onto the beach in the middle of a giant wave and ended up spluttering out loads of sand. If you time it right, though, this is an exhilarating way of swimming at midnight.

In a Pool at the Edge of a Terrifying Drop – Zambia

swimming-in-devils-pool-zambiaOk, so if the previous ideas weren’t extreme enough for you then what about sitting in a tiny rock pool at the edge of one of nature’s most spectacular and terrifying works of art. I haven’t been here yet but Victoria Falls in Africa is somewhere that has always fascinated me. It sits on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. On the Zambian side you can head out to the very edge of the falls during the dry season, which runs from May through to October. If you head out at this time then you will find a rock pool on the very edge of the falls, affectionately known as the Devil’s Pool. If you jump in here you probably won’t do much swimming in the first few seconds, as the force of the water pushes you toward the terrifying falls where..ah, the rocky edge of the pool stops you inches from being the star of the most horrifying YouTube video ever. It sounds like just about the wildest thing you could ever do but I wonder if I would have the courage to actually do this if I ever found myself here. In short, if you ever make an exciting trip to the Victoria Falls then do it during the dry season so that you have the chance to do this if you feel brave enough.

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  1. You’ve certainly found yourself in some funny situations :-). Can’t imagine being thrown onto the beach by a giant wave from a cruise ship’s wake. We’ve visited Victoria Falls – and it was stunning to see the thunderous downpour. The time we visited, however, it was not possible to sit in the pools you mentioned – too much water overflowing!
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  2. Wow this gives me the fear! Great article!
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