The Evolution of a Travel Idea

Our story begins on a cold and miserable UK evening. There we were – my friends and I – sat in the pub having a normal pint, chatting about normal things and about how we all needed to just get away for a bit! I’m sure you know the feeling.

The problem we had was that our bank accounts weren’t exactly brimming over, and on top of that we all had quite expensive years ahead in one way or another. So we started talking about camping in nearby Wales. It was all sounding great and we were coming up with some nice ideas of places we could visit, mountains we could climb etc., then we had another pint.

What about France someone said, it’s only the extra cost of a ferry and the weather should be so much better. Interesting, camping if France could be good. Out came my mates phone and we started researching camp sites in not as nearby Northern France and surprise surprise, we had another pint!

When I woke up the next morning I received a text from one of my more enthusiastic friends, ‘Booked’ it read.

What’s booked? I replied.

The Flights to Nice! He said.

As excited as I was at the prospect of the trip, I did have to double take for a minute and wonder how on earth we had gone from a weekend camping trip in Wales, to a week camping in the South of France – That’s right the SOUTH of France, not the North – in just a few hours. I’m guessing the drink had a little to do with it but as I found out later on, none of us who were drinking around the table that night thought we were really being serious, apart from Tom of course!



As it turned out, we had some of the best times of our lives on that holiday. We camped out in Antibes, had barbeques on the beach, headed off to Cannes and while we were there, visited the prison where the man in the iron mask was kept. On another day we somehow managed to head from Antibes, over to Italy, across to Monaco and then back to Antibes all in the same day, while still having the time left in the day to head out to a restaurant for some food in the evening. Man those French trains are fast, and reliable.

I’ll go into the details of the trip in future posts but this post is more just about the evolution of a travel plan and how sometimes – if you want to have some amazing memories – you just have to go with it, or at least have a few beers and an over enthusiastic mate on hand to book something without your permission. If you don’t currently have one then I have one you can borrow!

Have you ever had a travel idea that evolved more than expected?  

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