The importance of location when staying in London

London is visited by over 20 million tourists each year. Many of these tourists read a lot of blog posts and travel articles which try their very best to describe London and its attractions to these would be travellers. Until you experience London first hand though, it really is difficult to understand just how difficult it can be to get around if you don’t take enough time and care when choosing a place to stay.

Location can make or break a trip

When booking a hotel or apartment in London for example, you will often be presented with an online map showing where the hotels are located. On the map it may seem as though many of these places are very close to the centre of London, great you think. With London being such a vast and busy place though, it is quite easy to book a place that seems to be quite close to the centre but actually when you come to stay there you realise that it is nowhere near or not practicably accessible to the attractions you wish to visit. A lack of transport links or a poor understanding of where the main attractions of London are located can easily make or break a trip.

So how do we get over this problem?

When browsing the internet for a place to stay in London, don’t get too drawn in by beautiful pictures of fancy hotel rooms or overly cheap prices. Instead, try and pay more attention to where these hotel rooms or apartments are located in relation to the attractions you would like to visit. Usually there will be some detailed information available on the booking site which will outline what transport links are nearby and how long it takes to get to certain attractions or to the centre of London itself. If you take the time to study this information properly then you should be able to work out the best location for your trip considering the attractions you would like to visit.


Plan, plan and plan some more

If you are still not convinced then I’ll plead with you one last time, don’t underestimate London’s size! Attractions that may only be a thumbnail away from one another on a map could take much longer than you think to reach when using public transport. It would also be wise to try and group together the attractions you would like to visit into their respective areas and then visit them on the same day.

You don’t want to spend your whole trip on the tube, do you?

We all like to find a bargain, right? I know I do. Sometimes though it can prove to be much more economical and enjoyable to pay a little extra for a more conveniently situated hotel or apartment that is closer to the places you would like to visit. It is hardly going to be the most enjoyable of weekend breaks if you end up spending 50% of it on public transport, is it? So take your time, be reasonable with your wallet and choose your location wisely. You won’t regret it if you do, but you could well regret it if you don’t.

What advice would you give to those booking a place to stay in London?

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