The Majesty and Mystery of the Great Pyramid of Giza

If you are interested in facts and statistics then the Great Pyramid at Giza will give you more than enough to chew over for a few minutes.

This was by a long distance the first of the classic Seven Wonders of the Ancient World to be built yet it is the only one still standing.

The Facts

The Great Pyramid was built around 2560 BC and for more than 3,800 years it was the tallest man made building on the planet, until Lincoln Cathedral took away its title. The original construction had a smooth, polished limestone facade that would have made it sparkle in the sun and that must have been sensational to view from a distance. This facade lasted until an earthquake in 1300 made it finally fall off. The whole thing weighs about 5.9 million tonnes. While many people still think that slaves built it, the most common modern belief is that a massive team of thousands of highly skilled builders did the work.

The Mystery

One of the mysteries about this pyramid that most intrigues people today is the way in which the dimensions were apparently so exactly calculated and followed without the help of modern tools. The level of mathematical, astronomical and geographical precision in building this giant structure is quite mind boggling when you think about it. For instance, in each of the buildings measurements the variance from perfection is almost negligible. Add in the way that it is so perfectly aligned with certain stars and then there is also the small matter of around 2 and a half million giant blocks of stone that were cut, moved and placed into position with such astounding accuracy. It is no wonder that some people think that aliens came to ancient Egypt and helped built the giant pyramid at Giza.

The Location

imagesWhen you think about the Great Pyramid of Giza where do you think it is located? In the middle of a vast, empty desert, right? In fact, it is pretty close to the outer limits of Greater Cairo. It is still quite a shock to see a picture of his ancient wonder with a modern city sprawling in front of it. It may not have quite the same impact on us as it did on ancient travellers who had never seen such scale and majesty in a man-made structure but there is no doubt that it is somewhere that every single human being should try and see at least once and in their lives. The best way to visit this part of the world is to take a standard pyramids tour from Cairo. As well as this wonder of the ancient world you will also get to see the inscrutable Sphinx among other treasures. What you might not know is that the Great Pyramid is open for the public to enter most days. However, only 150 tickets are sold in the morning and 150 in the afternoon so get ready to turn up early and sharpen those elbows for some old pushing and a shoving.

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