The People That Can Inspire You to Travel Round the World

Rather than looking at a specific destination here, I thought that it might be interesting to consider the many people who are out there who could inspire you to travel in the first place.

While there are sure to be some people who have absolutely no interest in travelling round the world, I reckon that the majority of us just need a push in the right direction to see us start to plan a trip or at least begin dreaming of it.

The People Who Have Done It

When I first started thinking about going round the world I worked in a bank. Once I mentioned my travel idea to a few colleagues I was amazed to find out how many of them had done something like this in the past.

I still wasn’t sure if it was right for me but I was astonished to see that the travellers in my office held such powerful, burning memories of their globe-trotting days. A guy I had never even spoken to before had me spell-bound one lunch time as he regaled me with tales of his awesome time in Asia and Australia. The way his eyes lit up when he spoke showed me that this was truly a life-enhancing decision that I had to go with.

The People Who Are Doing It

I hadn’t ever, to my knowledge, met a backpacker or globe-trotter until round about the time that I started dreaming of travelling. By a fantastic coincidence I ended up working beside a few Australians at this time.

They had all come to the UK on a working visa and were doing as much travelling as they could afford in between working days. If you have any pre-conceptions about backpackers then just speaking to a few of them like this will help sweep them away.

They were all intelligent, inquisitive people who had just taken a year or two out of their lives to explore the world, planning to go home to settle down afterwards. I had some fantastic times asking them about their home cities and everywhere else they had been. When you speak to cool people like this it is easy to imagine yourself doling something similar and making your life more interesting.

The People Who Are Planning to Do It

At any given time you probably have at least one friend or family member who is planning to go travelling, even if you don’t realize it. There are various stages of planning a big trip, from vaguely dreaming of doing it to, to starting to tentatively look at dates and prices to actually going for it and booking your flights.

If you speak to anyone is going through any of these stages then you are likely to get swept up in their enthusiasm. You might even find that you end up planning to travel with them. Even if you have never before seriously considered travelling round the world, seeing that a normal everyday person like you is going to do it can put you in the right frame of mind to do it as well.

The People Who Havent Done It and Regret It

The last point is a bit more negative than the rest but I don’t think that I should leave it out. You see, one of the biggest motivations for me when deciding to travel was to not regret missing the chance to do so. I know two people – a friend and a close family member – who have never travelled like this and clearly regret it.

The first sign of this came when I mentioned the vague idea of a trip to them. They are both smart people with a lot of interest in the world but they appeared reluctant to talk about my ideas. I figured this was due to them perhaps feeling left out, so I invited them individually to join me for part of the trip.

Both of them said that they would have loved to travel round the planet but they each gave a number of different excuses for not being able to do so. It was clear to me that they believed that they had missed their chance to travel and now regretted letting this happen. I often wonder now whether they regret not travelling with me, as they would have loved it. Don’t miss your chance and end up regretting it too.

Who could inspire you to set out on an unforgettable adventure?

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