The Strangest and Coolest Hotels in the World

The world is filled with nice, normal hotels that are made out of traditional construction materials and offer a pleasant if unremarkable night´s sleep.

However, what if you really want is to enjoy a night or two in somewhere completely different? Ah, in that case you will want to check out some of the planet´s strangest and coolest hotels.

An Ice Hotel

You won´t be too surprised to find that ice hotels are most easily found in cold, snowy places like Lapland. These hotels are made entirely out of ice and have to be rebuilt each year, ensuring that you get a unique if cold experience every time. The hotel that is classed as the original ice hotel is ICEHOTEL in the Swedish part of Lapland. This amazing place is filled with pieces of art made from ice and snow, with the rooms having different themes to them as well. If you are thinking of chasing the Northern Lights then a night in an ice hotel is sure to add to the experience of the trip. There´s also an ice hotel recently opened in Japan too, with Romania and Canada being other countries where you can snuggle up in a giant igloo. In fact, there are now at least a couple of ice hotels in and around Quebec.

A Salt Hotel

Salar_de_Uyuni,_Hotel_build_of_saltCan you imagine where the world´s best (and presumably only) salt hotels are located? That´s right; they can be found on the world´s biggest and highest salt plain. This is the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. There is some confusion about how many salt hotels are going strong there, at least in my mind. I visited the amazing salt plains there a few years ago and was told that there was one hotel made out of everyone´s favourite seasoning. I then remember reading about it being blown up because it didn´t meet building regulations. However, a quick Google search tells me that both the Palacio de Sal and Luna Salada appear as viable options for spending a night surrounded by salt bricks, tables and beds. You are warned though that licking the walls is strictly forbidden, as well as being a bit of an icky thing to do.

A Revolving Hotel

Turkey is a country that has a lot to offer but did you know that it also has the world´s first revolving hotel? The Marmara Antalya in, well, Antalya is the proud owner of this bizarre claim to fame. It apparently has a private beach and other exciting stuff but what you really want to know is how to go round and round until you get dizzy and fall over, isn´t it? The layout of the hotel is a bit weird as it appears that the lobby is on the 7th floor and the revolving business happens in a separate revolving loft space. There are 24 rooms over 3 floors in the revolving part of the hotel and it looks pretty amazing. Don´t worry about throwing up your Ka?ar cheese after breakfast, as the whole thing revolves really slowly.

A Sewage Tube Hotel

Relaxing in a nice hotel beside the banks of the Danube sounds like a great way to unwind and see the beauty of central Europe, doesn´t it? So, would you like a single sewage tube or will you be staying in a romantic pipe for two? What? The Das Park Hotel in Austria uses recycled concrete sewage pipes as unique hotel rooms. It sounds like a bizarre concept and, frankly, it is. This hotel started life in Linz but then got moved to Ottensheim. Apparently the thick concrete walls keep the temperature inside pleasant all year round and also stop any outside noise getting in.

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