Travel Tips For Long-Term Vacationers

While many only have a few days or weeks to spare for a vacation to get away from their usual routine back home, others decide to stay longer to their desired travel destinations for months or even years. It’s not a usual trend for many travellers, as most people are only allowed a short time to have a break from their work. In fact, according to The Atlantic, long-term travelling is more popular in countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom, while Americans are said to be “still relatively new” to the idea as they think it will cost too much on their end.

“People think that there’s too much opportunity cost, or that it’s going to cause a speed bump in your career,” said seasoned traveller Randal Bourquin in an interview. But, younger generations were found to be more open to the idea of long-term travelling, based on a post ‘How Millennials are changing international travel,’ compared to older ones.

But, it’s true – long-term travelling is not that easy. It’s necessary to plan things ahead to be able to survive months and years of staying in a foreign land, from budgeting the money to learning to adapt a new culture/language. If you are planning to be a globetrotter for a long period of time, then this post is for you. Read on below to know reliable travel tips to help you survive your long stay abroad.

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Stick to your budget & save

Going for a long vacation is not going to be easy, especially not in your pocket. The initial step is to ensure that you won’t have any financial problems while travelling abroad. Thus, one needs to save ahead and make a budget that they can stick to for a long time. Compared to travelling for a short period, a long-term trip requires more money to shell out for food, accommodation and other daily expenses. The Secret Traveller suggests a few budget tips for long-term travellers, such as getting an accommodation with free breakfast, visiting free-pass travel spots (museums, parks, etc.) and preparing your own meals. Long-term travelling will be easier and more fun if you do not need to worry about money constantly.

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Avoid expensive accommodation

Travellers often will choose to stay in a hotel or inns to get the comfort and convenience they need, but not for long-term globetrotters. Since saving up is necessary, they will choose a cheaper stay that will still offer them what they need. There are plenty of house-sharing and couch-surfing accommodations that can offer them an affordable and comfortable place to stay with other amenities, such as kitchen, Wi-Fi, washing machine and more. Some also enjoy the benefits of housesitting abroad, where they look over a certain house while staying in a great place abroad.

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Continue your routine

Although you are on a vacation, it doesn’t warrant you to stop what you’ve started back home, especially your exercise routine. Travelling is accompanied with plenty of drinking and eating, so the best way to burn what you gain is by trying different physical activities from a relaxing yoga session to a strenuous hike up a hill. It might help to also share your experiences by writing or building your own blog. Your long-stay in the destination will give you enough experience and ideas on how to survive out there that many other travellers would love to read.

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Start volunteering

There are many opportunities for travellers to immerse themselves in the new destination they opt to stay in. One can sign up for local volunteer work in their desired destination. “The chance to give something back, share your skills and knowledge, meet other travelers, or simply to meet the locals – this is the essence of volunteer travel,” wrote Matt Scott in his Matador Network post. There are different volunteer opportunities one can embark on, from teaching children, medical service and saving the planet. While some work offers compensation that can help your finances out there, others are free service to the community that should give you enough experience and more knowledge about the destination.

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