Try a British Walk for Some Fresh Air and Great Scenery

If there is one thing I enjoy doing above all else when travelling it is stretching my legs and going for a good walk. I have discovered on my travels that the world is filled with amazing places to do this. Whether it is a multi day hike to Machu Picchu or a gentle stroll round a big city, this is a fine way to see a lot of scenery, get some fresh air and enjoy a bit of exercise at the same time.

The place where I first discovered the pleasures of a good walk was the UK. There are a number of places across the UK where you can do this in style and see some fantastic scenery. Here are some of my favourites.

The Lake District

If you love walking then you will love the Lake District. This famously scenic part of England has a massive range of different walks for you to try out, from gentle strolls to more punishing hikes. If you like somewhere quiet and peaceful then you will want to come here outside the peak summer season, as it gets incredibly busy time at this time of year. It is a popular destination at any time of year but if you go off season it will be a lot easier to find quieter routes. The towns around here cater well for hikers, so getting hold of equipment and some energy boosting Kendal mint cake isn’t going to be a problem. There are also plenty of pubs, cafes and gift shops in the most touristy parts, so it won’t be only about the walking.

The Scottish Highlands

índiceIf what you want is rugged, sweeping landscapes and empty spaces then you can’t do much better than to book a hotel in the Scottish Highlands. The vast size of this area means that narrowing down the options to just one place is going to be the first issue. If you want a challenge then maybe you will want to climb Ben Nevis or one of the other peaks in the region. Another tough route is the wonderful West Highland Way, which cuts its way across unbelievable Scottish scenery from near Glasgow up to Fort William. I haven’t yet done this 96 mile walk but a friend did a couple of years ago and told me that I need to do it at some point. He also walked El Camino to Santiago in Spain and he said that he loved both of them equally well.

The South Coast of England

I haven’t spent as much time down in this part of England as I would have liked but it is definitely somewhere I plan to explore more in the future. When I first moved back to the UK after travelling I was a whisker away from accepting a job in Poole and moving down there. One of the big attractions for me in this area was the fact that it is so walkable. The Jurassic Coast looks like an amazing place to spend some time out in the fresh air. This makes up part of the spectacular South West Coast Path, which is the longest footpath in England and which I managed to get a sample of while I was there. The (generally) better weather in this part of the country makes walking here a bit easier in some respects.


In the end, instead of going down to Poole I got a job in London and discovered the joys of city strolling. One of the great things about walking in London is that it is so varied. I would just set out in the morning and wander aimlessly, passing through markets I had never known existed and interesting ethnic communities. If you like the idea of going for a walk but prefer an urban setting than the countryside then London is hard to beat.

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