What Exactly Are the Rocky Mountains?

Once you start thinking about travelling to new places it is incredible how many tempting places you will find on the planet.

I once got pretty far into the project of planning a 6 month trip to North America and even with such a long time planned there I still couldn’t work out how to narrow down my list of possible destinations. After all, just between New York, San Francisco and Chicago I had already found enough things to do to fill half my time there.

However, one place I knew I couldn´t leave off any trip here is the Rocky Mountains. This is one of those very special places that I have always dreamed of visiting and it was probably the main reason I started to think of going to North America in the first place.

So, What Are the Rocky Mountains?

RockyMountainsLocatorMapYou have surely heard of the Rocky Mountains at some point, and you might even have found yourself singing along with John Denver at some point but what exactly are they? Well, you won´t be overly surprised to find that the Rocky Mountains are a mountain range. They run for about 3,000 miles, stretching from the west of Canada down to the south west of the US. So yes, they are pretty long. In fact, according to my buddy, Mr Wikipedia, the Rocky Mountains form the world´s second longest mountain chain after the Andes. The highest point is Mount Elbert. The starting and ending points for the range are usually given as Liard River in British Columbia and Rio Grande in New Mexico.

What Can You Do There?

Big mountain ranges are great and make for some stunning pictures but what can you do while you are visiting the Rocky Mountains? With such a great distance between both ends of the range it is no surprise to find that the range of activities is hugely varied. From skiing and snowboarding to fishing and mountain biking, this is the sort of place where you can try out lots of new hobbies. The fresh air and beautiful scenery means that it also the ideal destination for camping, walking or, hey, just talking it easy.

Where to Stay

With such a huge geographical spread it is no wonder that there are a number of places you could choose to stay when visiting the Rocky Mountains. Colorado is the US state most of us associate with the range and there are some top class places to make your base here. Boulder, for example, used to be a popular hippy destination but you can now go there without flared trousers and a flower in your hair if you like. This is a visually impressive place, as the Rockies meet the Great Plains. The only downside could be the need to fly into Denver International Airport which, if you know your wacky conspiracy theories, is said to be the base of a secret, evil organisation or something. There is also the option of going to Grand Lake in Colorado. This is another excellent destination and you shouldn´t feel too shocked when you see a big body of water here. It is a pretty place to spend some time and it is also known for its theatre culture, with Broadway shows taking place in the summer and giving you a break from all those outdoor activities.

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