What Will You Find in New Zealand?

For Brits New Zealand is about as far away as it gets. Yet, the language and the strong British heritage also makes is a very familiar sort of place as well.

This means that we are left with a bit of a conundrum. What will you find when you get there? Will it be just like being at home or will you feel as though you are on the opposite site of the world after all?

Long distance travel to distant lands affects us all in different ways but it seems safe to suggest that you will find at least the following things when you step off your flight to New Zealand.

A Warm Welcome

I’m not exaggerating when I suggest that the people from here are likely to be the friendliest and most welcoming you ever meet on your travels. I have met a lot of New Zealanders in different situations and really enjoyed speaking to just about all of them. You might even find that after a while you are able to differentiate their accent from the Australian one. The difference sounds subtle to foreigners but you might notice that the New Zealand accent is closer to a British accent than the Aussie one. Have a quick look online on some travel forums and you will soon realise that just about everyone who goes to New Zealand ends up feeling that they are friendliest people anywhere.

Lots of Adventure

Even if you wouldn’t normally class yourself as the most adventurous person in the world, you might find that when you arrive to New Zealand you start to get intrigued by the possibilities for high octane fun on offer. Adventure tourism is big business here and the range of activities you could choose from is staggering. Bungee jumping, paragliding, glacier walking, horse riding and paintball are just some of the exciting things you could do. Any one of these things offers a wonderful way to see this great country from a different perspective and enjoy something you will treasure for the rest of your life. The stunning natural scenery of New Zealand is one of the best things about the country and these adventurous activities will let you see it at its best.

Great Towns and Cities

auckYou probably already knew about the stunning lakes, mountains and other natural scenery in New Zealand before but what about the towns and cities there? The likes of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are all fantastic places to spend some time. Auckland is the biggest city in the country, with almost a third of the population living here. Interestingly, it also has a bigger Polynesian population than any other city on the planet. It is regularly listed highly in the list of the world’s most liveable cities. One of the fascinating features of this great city is that it is situated in just about the narrowest part of the country, so it has access to the sea on two different coasts. Wellington is a lot smaller and also the capital of New Zealand. It is another fantastic place with great views. It is on the north Island but because it is right at the bottom of it you can see across the glorious islands of the South Island on a good day. Christchurch is just a little bit smaller than Wellington and is the biggest city on the South Island. It has recently had a lot of rebuilding work carried out following on from the series of earthquakes which disturbed a lot of buildings here. In terms of smaller places, Dunedin is a popular stop with tourists. Among the highlights here are the chance to walk up (or down) the world’s steepest street and the chance to go out and see penguin and seal colonies nearby.

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