World’s Best and Strangest Places to Play Golf

I have to start off by confessing that I haven’t played golf in years. I used to play as a kid with my Dad, setting off early in the morning to the local municipal course.

In fact, if I close my eyes and try really hard I can still recall the cold, damp mornings with an amazing clarity. I can even remember how the first couple of shots of the day would result in the trundling ball leaving a line in the dew on the grass. So where in the world would I most like to play some golf now?

Most Historic Golf Course – St Andrews, Scotland

Now that I no longer live in Scotland I deeply regret never having played at St Andrews. After all, this is the home of the sport. I actually went to St Andrews once but for some strange reason I spent the day at the local sea life centre instead of out on the course. This is a lovely little town in Scotland and there are a few places to get out and play. I am told that there is a long waiting list and a high price to play on thíndicee famous Old Course but there are a number of other places to get out and play here. In fact, you will find great courses all over this part of the country. If you want a golfing trip then the Fife region of Scotland is excellent. Away from the course, you will also find some lovely towns and villages, as well as friendly people and good food.

Most Dangerous Golf Course – Camp Bonifas, Korea

Calling this a ‘golf course’ is perhaps stretching things a little but it is generally classed as the most dangerous place in the world to play golf. Why? Err, it might be because of the blooming mines all around it. Camp Bonifas is located near the border between North and South Korea and is a heavily militarized area. Of course, someone thought this was a good place to put a par 3 golf hole. It is surrounded on 3 sides by minefields and there has been at least one case of a shot landing on a mine here. If you are ever in Korea be sure to take your clubs here.

Snow Golf – Canada, Greenland and Elsewhere

snow-golfSnow golf (sometimes called ice golf) is more popular than any sane person could possibly expect. In fact, there will soon be a Snow Golf Global Tour and Championships coming to a frozen wasteland near you. One of the first ever official courses like this is the one built near the Quebec Ice Hotel in Canada. Another thrilling place to play is on the world’s most northerly golf course, which is in the spell-checker friendly place called Uummannaq in Greenland. If you prefer heading somewhere warm like Portugal or Spain to play golf then slipping on your thermal Long Johns to play here might seem like a strange move.

Underwater Golf – The Maldives?

I remember getting very excited a few years ago when I read about plans for an underwater golf course getting built in the Maldives. Upon reading the details it seemed as though it was likely to be played on floating islands, with the players making their way from hole to hole through a series of underwater tunnels. Still, that doesn’t sound at all bad, does it? Sadly, there appears to have no news on this ambitious golfing project since the initial reports, making me think that either the whole thing has fallen through or else it was all a big internet hoax in the first place. I’ll have to just keep dreaming about playing underwater golf, it seems.

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  1. Marc says:

    Ok, Honestly, I didn’t know that you can golf under water while the others seem possible. I don’t think it would be fun to hit a mine while golfing in Korea but it would be fun personally 🙂 the snow golf sounds fun. good post Robert.

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